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Artist rendering of Gordon Military Memorial Plaza

Gordon State College Military Memorial & Plaza

HELP US identify those who attended Gordon and died in service to our country. The names of the fallen do not have to be of graduates but of anyone who ever attended Gordon and died while in service.

Click here to see our current list. If you have additional names or see names placed on this list in error please email

Why do we need it?

Gordon veterans have many markers and monuments throughout our national cemetery system as well as at private resting places. Our fallen Gordon graduates and faculty are named in state memorials and on The Wall in Washington, DC. However, there is no place where all this comes together, no place to tell the story of Gordon graduates and faculty who served and gave their lives in defense of this nation.

This is the opportunity for Gordon alumni, faculty, and students to honor the sacrifices of our finest and best who gave the ultimate sacrifice in service to their country.

It brings us all together at a place where memories were formed, friendships developed, and life lessons learned.

It provides a permanent memorial accessible to all – students, faculty, family, and friends alike.

What will it be?

Artist Rendering of the Gordon College Military Memorial & Plaza

A memorial to all who have served and continue to serve our great nation especially to those who fell in combat, whose names will be listed from all engagements – those that have been and those to come – in the order in which they were taken from us.

A monument of the military past of Gordon State College. A place that recognizes the giants on whose shoulders today's college stands.

Memorial Site Plan

A place to provide opportunity for reflection as well as commemoration.  A destination that tells our children and grandchildren (and yes, great-grandchildren) about our Gordon connection, the legacy, and those many friends and comrades in uniform, past and present, who remain in memory.

A visible reminder seen by those who take part in or attend graduations and who visit the Gordon State College campus. A remembrance of past associations having had a marked impact on lives through the lessons of the classroom and life friendships held dearly.

Where will the money come from?

Voluntary Donations from people like you – alumni, faculty, family, friends of Gordon.  To make an online donation click here: Online Donation.

The total cost for the project is estimated at approximately $350,000, including all design, construction, and management costs.

When 350 donors pledge (pdf) $1,000 each, we will begin construction of the military memorial and plaza. Our goal is to do this by the end of 2012. Gifts can be made in a single payment or $334/yr. for three years or $28/mo. for 36 months. Gifts of any size are appreciated.  Click here to download a copy of the pledge form:  Memorial Pledge Form (pdf).

Gordon alumni and faculty have fought and died around the globe in numerous wars and conflicts defending our nation, leaving their mark in history in the preservation of freedom.  It is our purpose to create a place to preserve the memory of their lives and legacy, a place for us to reflect on their lives and legacy.

It’s time to build a place to honor them.  We, the Gordon alumni, faculty, students and friends will be the ones to do it. If not us, who? If not now, when?

More people speak...

"During the passing years many changes have taken place at Gordon. Porter and I are proud of the strides that have been made on campus and hopefully those it will continue to make. but a school cannot forget its legacy and the people that have gone before, for some the ultimate price has been paid. I guess those of us who went on to the Military may feel that just a little bit deeper. Porter and I take pride in the contribution that he made in supporting his country through his service. That is why we feel it is important to support this memorial. We want to see this come to fruition, and we challenge not only those who graduated in 1968, but all of those children of the sixties and seventies who answered that call or who walked the halls of our school. Gordon changed our lives, thank you Rhonda and Lynn, and thank you Gordon!"

Porter and Sue (Conger) Caughman

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Help us honor our heritage. Join those who have already pledged below. Be one of the 350.

  • Kike Seda
  • Gordon Military Survivors, Inc.
  • Peter Banks
  • Joe Boggs
  • Thornton Burns
  • Rick Hahn
  • Zack Hinton
  • Charlie Christian
  • Jimmy and Kathryn Butler Matthews
  • Wayne Leverett
  • Keith Abernathy
  • Class of 1949
  • Rhonda Toon
  • Don Neuner
  • Tommy Torbert
  • Manchester C. Paget
  • Oliver G. Halle
  • Van R. Baker
  • Mary Ann Congleton Lewis
  • John D. Burnette
  • Charles H. Van Rysselberge
  • Goebel, Edmund and George Berry
  • Clinton Dale Melton
  • Margaret R. Melton
  • James E. Ethridge, Sr.
  • Jackie L. Daniel and Frances P. Daniel
  • COL (R) William Michael Alexander
  • Stonie B. Carter
  • Dick Tieken
  • Lewis Covin
  • Betty Smith Crawford
  • J. Henry Wisebram
  • John and Elizabeth Kelly
  • Angela and Alan Giles
  • Warren O'Brien
  • Bobby Lee Cook
  • Charles P. Boltz
  • James S.W. Harris
  • Laura Harris Harrison
  • Philip Beamer
  • Richard Noxon
  • Archie Ray
  • Jim Graham
  • Marcia Whittington Knight
  • Jennie Woodlee
  • Joe I. White, Jr.
  • George Bugg
  • John Boatwright
  • LTC Arthur C. 'Skip' Williams, Jr., US Army Ret.
  • F. Porter Caughman, III
  • Sue Conger Caughman
  • Tony Watts
  • Dr. Brenda Johnson
  • David L. Black
  • Bobby Wines
  • Charles Covin
  • Keith Predmore
  • Robert P. Melvin
  • Charles Henson
  • McKee Nunnally
  • Glen Mohler
  • Daniel G. Henderson
  • Monk Antonio
  • Ellen Middlebrooks Granum
  • John T. Middlebrooks, Jr.
  • John T. "Sonny" Middlebrooks, III
  • Randy and Lynn Wilson
  • Danny Abbott
  • High School Class of 1964
  • Robert Lovein
  • Ray W. Brinkley
  • William H. Mitchell
  • Richard J. Baker
  • David N. Smith
  • Ray Bone
  • Howard Bush
  • Bob White
  • John and Maureen Webster
  • William F. Sanders
  • Gordon Mohler
  • J.C. and Bobbie Carol (Burousas) Waller
  • Jimmie and Bobbie Louise (Dorsey) Burousas, Sr.
  • Jonathan Hardwick
  • Jacolyn Bush Perrone
  • Neil and Jane Shelor
  • Glenn and Wanda (Webster) Hewitt
  • Rafael Valdivieso
  • Art Roberts
  • Dr. Alva G. 'Skeet' Burris
  • Ed and Karen Jacobs
  • Jim Russell
  • Art and Letetia (May) Mercier
  • Skip Seda
  • Floyd L.O. Davis, MD
  • Michael R. Hanville
  • Town of Aldora
  • Bill and Martha McKoy
  • Class of 1956
  • Gail Pennington Taylor
  • Joan Webster Fordham
  • Nancy Bush Shugart
  • Dr. Richard W. Schmude, Jr.
  • blank
  • Dr. and Mrs. J.H. Jackson, Sr.
  • Sgt. and Mrs. Robert H. Steele
  • Cyril Jean Liberty
  • Frank and Donna Abbott
  • Betty Gayle Lyles Wimpy
  • John Wise
  • The Peter Banks Family
  • High School Class of 1963
  • Richard and Fran Boggs
  • GSC Student Veterans Association
  • Frank H. Bone
  • David B. Haire, III
  • Thomas C. Bolton
  • Victoria Graves
  • SGM Richard S. Davis
  • Fredonia Congregational Methodist Church
  • Joe and Pat Edwards
  • Joseph P. "Joe" Bray
  • The Family of John R. Cook
  • James and Barbara Quick
  • Mercer Bush
  • Clifford and Aline Alexander
  • George Fleming Moore and Janice Ball Moore
  • Ann Butler Harden and Jack C. Harden
  • The Family of 1st Sgt. Jesse D. Woodward
  • 1LT John C. Boesch
  • LTC John C. Boesch, Jr.
  • LTC George R. Boesch
  • Dr. Jerry Beavers
  • Judge Jim Bodiford
  • Jan Greene
  • Lora and Max Burns
  • LTC John Watts
  • Steve Van Ostran
  • George McMath
  • Dan Andrews
  • LTC Ret. Charles Olson
  • Dee Bankston Kitchings
  • Peyton H. Keaton, III
  • Daniel B. Toon
  • Courtney Toon McDaniel
  • GSC Staff Council 2014
  • Alan Porter Giles
  • Ira Bryan Giles, Jr.
  • Patrick and Vicki Maddox Brennan