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Teaching Matters

Teaching Matters: Join the Conversation!

The Twelfth Annual Interdisciplinary Conference for Teachers of Undergraduates will be held April 4-5, 2014, on the campus of Gordon State College, Barnesville, GA.  Faculty and administrators of private and public colleges and universities in the southeast region of the United States are invited to attend and submit proposals.

This year’s conference theme, Teaching Matters:  Join the Conversation provides an opportunity for faculty to share research and pedagogical strategies that they’ve found successful in engaging 21st century students in deep learning.  Whether connecting students to information via technology, or collaborating with fellow faculty on coordinated teaching approaches, or linking students to their communities through service learning, this conference allows us to share these and other innovative practices, strategies, and research with our colleagues.

To submit a proposal, please follow instructions on our 2014 Teaching Matters flyer.  To learn more about the conference, you may contact the Conference Coordinator, Dr. Cortney Grubbs at teachingmatters@gordonstate.edu.  Thank you.